Data Logger Suite: Logging and Monitoring. User testimonials

- David Twiss:

« Data Logger Suite has saved us a huge amount of time; delivering a versatile reliable platform for a variety of use cases. An amazingly capable product. »

- Jim Christensen:

« Thanks for all the excellent work and product. I'll definately recommend this software to other agencies who are looking for a similar solution! »

- Andrew Kohlsmith:

« I stumbled across your monitor and logger applications, and I have to say I am very impressed! I am trying to use your software to monitor an RS485 link between two of our products to try and determine the cause of some serial read errors on one of these devices. »

- John Heffernan:

« I wanted to persist with ASDL because it's such a great piece of software! Very easy to set up and flexible - the problems that took the time were to do with the 'black box' we have built! Many thanks. »

- Justin Anning:

« This program is just what I was looking for - something which is adaptable by "non-programmers" such as myself to our many and rapidly changing applications and equipment configurations. »

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